MTDan health scare

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Re: MTDan health scare

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Dan, it seems as though Tylenol is another trade name for Paracetamol and what it is commonly called in the US.

I think that people will, on the whole, be pretty good about keeping to the government guidelines - at least initially. How they may feel about it in a few weeks is another matter and we shall just have to see.

I really, really hope you recover soon - I know the doctor said it couldn’t be the Corona virus but it certainly sounds like it is :(.
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Re: MTDan health scare

Post by reffc » wished for a speedy recovery. Persistent cough, build up of fluid on the lungs, temperature? Yes, certainly does sound like Corvid19. You take care, stay in and listen to lots of music. Get that soldering iron dusted off as there's a shipment inbound for you which should arrive sometime next week. You may have some minor customs charges to pay but even so, they'd still be cheaper than going out and buying mundorf equivalents ("Zero Ohm" inductors I think they call theirs).
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