What is this forum about?

What is this forum about and welcome thread
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What is this forum about?

Post by flatpopely »

It's a place to discuss and get help/information about AudioFlat products, related hi-fi and musical topics. It's brand new and we are just trying things out, so please be patient.
We will try to answer any questions you might have about our products and of course a forum is all about sharing information.

Please read the AUP in the FAQ, posting on here means you abide by and agree with its terms.
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Re: What is this forum about?

Post by YNWaN »

For me, this forum is about the adventure, the thrill of learning about the subject and experimenting with it. If you just want to pontificate on stuff you’ve bought or tell other people ‘how it is’ this likely isn’t the forum for you. Basically, if you are really ‘in to’ the subject (and the purpose of the subject is to serve the music) then this forum is for you - but if you aren’t then.......

Though this forum is not exclusively DIY there is a strong element of that And building, or modifying, equipment is strongly recommended if you want to get the most out of your audio adventures.
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