NS1000 damping ?

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Re: NS1000 damping ?

Post by sq225917 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:12 pm

Dynamat and similar products are to damp vibrations in lightweight metal panels, speaking wadding is to slow down air movement, other treatments are used for cabinet damping.

I used to use dynaflex mat. A lenticular lens patterned thick sorbothane sheet, about 12mm thick on the inside of my speakers. Strangely I feel no need to mod the yams
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Re: NS1000 damping ?

Post by YNWaN » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:39 pm

Similar materials to those you link to are used but the damping of a thin metal sheet (as in a car) and a thick MDF/chipboard panel are quite different. Therefore, bitumen style panels are more often used for speaker cabinets. These are also used for cars but they are heavy and have a tendency to fall off as the metal panel expands and contracts is the sun and cold. In the case of speakers the problem is that such panels tend to add mass and just lower the resonant frequency of the cabinet rather than actively subdue it. The role of the internal filling is quite different, it’s not to damp the cabinet directly but to damp the air mass contained within. There are two resonances to consider, one is direct reflections from the cabinet walls and the other is standing waves set up between parallel surfaces - this is why angled surfaces are often used.

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