LP12 Drive systems

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LP12 Drive systems

Post by al2002 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:44 pm

Would the experts on this forum mind commenting on the current state of play re. LP12 drive?

Just how much improvement, if any, do the DC systems - Origin Live, Mober, Radical - offer when compared to a late Lingo, or the DIY option of a Rega 28 V AC motor with DIYaudio two phase supply as designed by Meldano?

Would also like to hear comments on using thick lubricant vs regular oil in the LP 12 bearing. Is the thicker lubricant still preferred?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: LP12 Drive systems

Post by YNWaN » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:59 pm

Well, that seems like an easy enough question but, unfortunately, a meaningful answer is not an easy one, Simon (sq225197) has had the. OST experience experimenting with some of the commercial designs you mention and, both he and I have have experience of the Meldano and I have heard the Radikal quite often.

I remember that Si was very unimpressed with the Origin Live and the claim made that it had some form of feedback loop turned out to be entirely false and it suffered badly from speed drift. He tried to improve a number of aspects but eventually gave up.

I use the Meldano as part of my own turntable, but it drives a very high drag bearing and this may not prove suitable for an LP12. How it performs with an LP12 I don’t know but I would still expect good results. Of course you have to build it from scratch and source an appropriate motor - and swap the drive pulley from the Linn motor, or have another made.

The Mober is the one that Si is currently using, but I don’t know much more than this.

The Radikal works well, but so it should at the price.

The Lingo 4 is an interesting proposition and it has much more in common with with the Radikal than earlier Lingo’s.

I would expect all the above, except for the Origin Live, to perform better than a Lingo.

As far as thick lubricant - well I certainly believe in its benefits. However, the viscosity of the stuff I use is so great that a normal LP12 cannot compensate for it and I think a Lingo wouldn’t work at all with it.

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