BBC Radio 6 - Recommends Albums Of The Year 2019

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BBC Radio 6 - Recommends Albums Of The Year 2019

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I was listening to Radio 6 Music yesterday and heard they had released their top ten recommended records of 2019. ... -year-2019

I have now listened to a couple of tracks from each and...… .. . it's fair to say that my tastes don't generally align with the radio presenters who chose these albums. In fact there are only two which resonate with me at all and those are the ones from the Sleaford Mods and Nick Cave. Having said that, I like a pit of punk social angst but this particular Sleaford Mods album doesn't strike me as being as accomplished as some of their earlier stuff. In addition, the Nick Cave record is instantly recognisable as such (aren't they all) but it just isn't dark enough for me and some of the lyrics are unbearably trite (proper schoolboy poetry)!

Follow the link though and have a listen - see what you think (you can also find the albums on YouTube if you look for '6 music recommended 2019)!

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